Monday, November 24, 2008

"abundant life"

I have one night solo art showing coming up in 2 weeks.
It's called "abundant life"
All new works

Saturday, Dec. 6th

Sacred Energy Arts
220 Pier Ave
Santa Monica CA 90405

Saturday, November 01, 2008

out of the box

My theatre group YESAND is performing in less than a week.
The 5 of us have been getting together since the spring,
playing, improving, moving, singing and discovering different characters.
Now we are excited to share all this with you, in our show called: "Out of the Box".
For more info check out our blog:

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ceramics in my etsy shop

You will be able to buy my ceramics through my etsy shop soon!
I will list them by end of this week.

Saturday, July 05, 2008


I have this " new thing" with numbers...good for any kind of obsessions,
doing lot's of numbers helps!
here some results:
"loving madly"

Sunday, June 15, 2008


I Met my sister and her family in Barcelona for ten days.
Discovered Gaudi's architecture.
Saw works of Picasso and Joan Miro.

There would be so much good stuff to say about Barcelona, seeing my family, art, all the expressos, ice cream, wine...that when I think about it I get overwhelmed and don't want to post here just least few images...instead of nothing!
I don't want to spend my time writing...
this days I want to paint more than anything and it's amazing to me!
This new passion to paint that I discovered last month in my painting workshop
in Esalen (previous post) is still here and I am blow away by it!
Just loving it!
Here one I just did when I got back in town.
It's called: "I am an enchanted forest".

Monday, May 05, 2008

I fell in love!

Just got back from the five day painting workshop at Esalen.
It was called "awakening the creative".
And yes, the creative was awakened again in me!
I had a passionate love affair with painting!
Just when I had been questioning my whole relationship!
Now I can't wait to get back to my studio tomorrow and paint again!
I was lucky to have my painter friends Doug and Amadea there with me...we had a blast!
I will write some more about it later...I think....if I have time...
got to paint..!

ceramic mini vases

I just finished an custom order for my fellow Ten Woman artist, Kara Taub, who does wonderful fiber arts. Kara is getting married soon and I made her colorful ceramic mini vases that she gave as gifts in her wedding shower.
In the picture you can see them all glazed (the pink stuff) going in for a firing. I love the moment of opening the kiln lid after last firing and seeing how the colors came satisfying!

Monday, April 14, 2008

mothers day, summer weddings

Summer is coming bringing mother's day and summer weddings.
I never really "advertise" this but I take custom orders all the time.
So let me know if you would like to have anything made in the case of a special
event...and I always
have "things" (original paintings, prints, prints on wood, ceramics,hand painted
furniture and cards) ready to go!
Click here to check out my web site for some ideas and already existing art work.

Would you like take trip to Italy and make art?
My lovely fellow artists Kelly Rae Roberts and Mati Rose are teaching
a painting class in Tuscany, Italy this October.
Does that sound good or what!!!
More info, click here

time to ROAR

Here we are... my friends Elizabeth, Christina and me at Christina's b-day party
where the invitation was to dress up little differently.
She didn't have to ask us twice! I love to do that!
I have a costume box at home that is getting bigger and bigger...Halloween
is not only once a year anymore...and I meet with my theatre group once a week...
we dress up all the time.
Dressing up (or "down") just gets a different side of you to come out. It breaks up the everyday routine immediately ...and since I am on that subject here is another opportunity to do that:

Christina's workshop ROAR is starting again this Thursday April 17th.
I did the last round of it and had a roaring good time so I am doing it again!
I am looking forward to 7 weeks of outrageous play with inevitable surprising insights to life and ourselves.
There are still a few spaces open in the ROAR so come and play with us!
Click here for more info about Christina and the ROAR.

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful Monday!

Friday, March 07, 2008

for illustrationfriday: "garden"

This image is for the illustrationfriday team of the week: "garden"
I did it a ink pen drawing and filled in the color digitally.
It's called "renewal"

new ceramic plates series

I am doing a new series of ceramic plates...characters who do anything, say anything, be politically incorrect
or just be really, really sweet. I have always been interested in the opposites. There is a side of us that
knows to behave "good" and I think we are fooling ourselves if we deny the other end of the spectrum...
behaving "badly"!

Nothing new, the yin/yang, the light and the dark existing simultaneously.
So here it comes; "it's never too late to start smoking"!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

time to start blogging!

I keep checking my friends (and strangers) blogs all the time to see what is going on with them, see the new art work, look for inspirational stories and imagines
and since I work from home it makes feel like I am still connected to the world beyond my four walls...
so I thought it's time for be more active with my block.
I have been resisting.
What am I going to say???
My writing skills aren't the best...I like to use lot's of....and that is not proper!!
Well I can always just a post a new we go..
one of the latest ; " growing new roots".
Yellow is my color at the moment...I could take a bath in yellow!
Ahh...just love yellow!
happy thrusday,