Monday, April 14, 2008

time to ROAR

Here we are... my friends Elizabeth, Christina and me at Christina's b-day party
where the invitation was to dress up little differently.
She didn't have to ask us twice! I love to do that!
I have a costume box at home that is getting bigger and bigger...Halloween
is not only once a year anymore...and I meet with my theatre group once a week...
we dress up all the time.
Dressing up (or "down") just gets a different side of you to come out. It breaks up the everyday routine immediately ...and since I am on that subject here is another opportunity to do that:

Christina's workshop ROAR is starting again this Thursday April 17th.
I did the last round of it and had a roaring good time so I am doing it again!
I am looking forward to 7 weeks of outrageous play with inevitable surprising insights to life and ourselves.
There are still a few spaces open in the ROAR so come and play with us!
Click here for more info about Christina and the ROAR.

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful Monday!

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