Monday, May 05, 2008

I fell in love!

Just got back from the five day painting workshop at Esalen.
It was called "awakening the creative".
And yes, the creative was awakened again in me!
I had a passionate love affair with painting!
Just when I had been questioning my whole relationship!
Now I can't wait to get back to my studio tomorrow and paint again!
I was lucky to have my painter friends Doug and Amadea there with me...we had a blast!
I will write some more about it later...I think....if I have time...
got to paint..!

ceramic mini vases

I just finished an custom order for my fellow Ten Woman artist, Kara Taub, who does wonderful fiber arts. Kara is getting married soon and I made her colorful ceramic mini vases that she gave as gifts in her wedding shower.
In the picture you can see them all glazed (the pink stuff) going in for a firing. I love the moment of opening the kiln lid after last firing and seeing how the colors came satisfying!