Friday, March 07, 2008

new ceramic plates series

I am doing a new series of ceramic plates...characters who do anything, say anything, be politically incorrect
or just be really, really sweet. I have always been interested in the opposites. There is a side of us that
knows to behave "good" and I think we are fooling ourselves if we deny the other end of the spectrum...
behaving "badly"!

Nothing new, the yin/yang, the light and the dark existing simultaneously.
So here it comes; "it's never too late to start smoking"!

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Jorma said...

Hei Outi

You should read "Saako tälle edes nauraa?" by Hugleikur Dagsson (Atena kustannus). English original "Should You Be Laughing at This?" (First published in United Kingdom by Penguing Books Ltd 2006).

There´S some really "incorrect" drawings and jokes. I love it.