Thursday, March 04, 2010

What is that I do all day along..?

I took a new practice as an experiment...for a few days...I am following myself around!
How does a regular (if there is one) outiart day looks like ??

It's been interesting to try to keep this up for a few days...I tend to forget that I am suppose to record my coming and goings, and take pictures.
It has made me a little more aware of the details and beauty of my surroundings.
My friend and fellow artist Marisa from Creative Thursday inspired me to do this. Marisa did this for a week and I loved her blog post about it...her photos are beautiful!!
Here we go

Monday March 1st

9am...on the computer while having a breakfast, e-mails, facebook, checking out my favorite artist blogs.
Dino follows me around 24/7

11 am...finally I got to the studio...I love being here!

2.30 pm Lunch and coffee break...
We can pick and choose what the world has to offer ...this here is "creating your own reality"
in action!

...garage door by my studio always catches my eye..

I was listening my friends Lisbeth Scott's newest cd: Hope is a Thing, all day long...I fell completely in love with it!!

5.30 I am done for today...It was one of those amazing painting days when I am just blissfully enjoying the process and being in the moment! The painting is starting to take it shape but still way to go.

on the way home...

Bed time...Saga, the senior citizen in the house will hit the sack first.


Marisa and Creative Thursday said...

I LOVE this!!!!

Flo :) said...

Blondie! I love this! These pictures are great! My favorite is the one where your little red painting shoes can be seen in front of your new painting of the LOVERS. All I can say is...More please!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog very much.
Your heart is here!!
Mine is divided between the love for science and art....
I could not give up the science, but I try to explore a little bit of my artistic side, also. Not seriously though. Not enough time to do it all. Maybe, when I retire, now it’s my hobby (or maybe more, someday) - a pleasant one.
I am always pleased with your work!
Work without borders - I think you are already exploring your genus!
How did the genius workshop go, anyways?
Beautiful website!
Warm and cosy :)

Christina Morassi said...

I LOVE THIS!!!!! How cool that you are sharing your life... AND, that your life is so BEAUTIFUL TOO! Wow, Outi... Thank you. I especially loved your brush against the brilliant colors, AND your creation of reality. NICE. :)