Monday, September 21, 2009

where did the last few months go?

here few things...
did some new plates
more vases
started paintings...I don't think I finished one yet...
danced on the streets with we did stop to take a picture..
Lynda and I had field trip on Venice beach and on Abbot Kinney
I did go into the ocean once...only once!
Patio was redone and here we celebrate Craig's birthday
I love butter and butter loves me
Cleaned the studio
Flo's birthday party at my place.
Babysitting my favorite little bubbleheads (I call all the children and people I love it's a good thing) Cosmo and Cypress
I love this group of women...we started our meetings this summer to support each other in our work, in our essence and how to bring it to the world.


melissa moss said...

Love the pics! I miss you.

Marisa and Creative Thursday said...

beautiful! miss you too and hope to see you soon xo

outi harma said...

Hey girls!
I miss both of you!
thanks for visiting!

Christophe said...

Hello Outi, I am browsing your blog while drinking coffee in your coffee cup and I have to say that I love the "I love butter" dishes. Actually I love all your ceramics!
That is too bad that we do not live closer as you like to babysit, we would have loved you to babysit for us :D
Cathy just said that she misses you!

AMFAH.NET said...